Secondary Technical School of Rural Development

The Secondary Technical School of Agriculture in Dunaszerdahely was founded in the autumn of 1957. A predominantly agricultural area, Dunaszerdahely and its surrounding had been the centre of wheat trade. Despite this, to study, the local youth had to travel to Komarom, where the technical school had been running for over 60 years. The severe lack of professionals forced the county’s leaders to take action. The demand for professionals in the fields of agriculture, animal care and book-keeping was fuelled by the founding of agricultural cooperatives and the industrialisation of production.

Our institute offers several options to our students, including 4 different agricultural departments, a food industry department, a hospitality department, and 2 tourism departments (management of regional tourism, services in tourism). The teaching is facilitated by 40 highly trained teachers and 23 further employees ensure the smooth running of our institute. We have opened a division within the tourism department for the sport lovers. Here amongst the general and technical subjects 2 hours of training are incorporated daily.

Since day one several hundred teachers and assistants have carried out the academic training. More than 3000 students have acquired a secondary education diploma. We strive to fulfil our students’ desires. We encourage their strengths, but beyond technical principles we also advocate their development in culture, sports, and natural sciences. Our goal is to train diverse students who will succeed in all aspects of life, including further studies and future employment. We are proud of our excellent international relationships with other agricultural institutes such as: the Popraczy Aladar secondary school in Fertod, the Lycée Agricole Fontaines in France, and the University of Kaposvar.

Throughout the past five decades many outstanding professionals have lead our institute. Their experience and mastery in teaching led the way and have proven to be a true inspiration.


Szent István tér 1533/3
929 01, Dunaszerdahely


Mgr. Szabó László
Telefon: 031/ 552 45 00

Vice principal:

RNDr. Kulcsár Andrea
Telefon: 031/590 17 09

Vice principal:

Ing. Nyári Gabriella
Telefon: 031/  590 17 09